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Emergency Lighting Service

At AA London Electricians, a certified Emergency Lighting Contractor (Emergency Lights Certificate) for Commercial properties in London as well as an Emergency Lighting Installer for offices, we pride ourselves on the quality of our emergency lighting inspection services and the high level of safety they can offer your workplace. Easily ensure that switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment are kept working as efficiently as possible by taking advantage of our on-going inspections and maintenance.

What if they don't work when you need them?

At some point, you’re bound to experience a power outage — and of course there’s always the possibility of an emergency. And when that time comes, it’s crucial that your emergency lights and exit signs are fully operational (be it a Companies Emergency Lighting or Emergency Lighting system testing for Communal area in Domestic properties service from A to Z), to help guide your building occupants to safety. But functioning lights leading to safe evacuation don’t happen by accident. It takes the knowhow and care that AA London Electricians specializes in.

You can and ought to organize inspections regularly with AA London Electricians:

  • Monthly inspections. Your emergency lights and exit signs must undergo a 30-second test every month. Our certified technician will not only complete this test, they’ll also provide record keeping for the fire department and insurers.
  • Yearly inspections. Emergency lights simulate being on battery backup for 90 minutes every year. Our technician will take care of this for you, plus they’ll visually and physically inspect your unit and provide detailed record keeping.
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Why Emergency Lighting Service is essential

  • Keeps your equipment in peak condition. Most emergency lights and exit signs require regular testing and consistent inspections to continue functioning properly, and often manufacturers recommend that these inspections are performed by a trained and certified technician.
  • Increases insurance coverage eligibility. Many insurance companies may not cover damages caused by fire unless a company has documented that routine inspections and maintenance have been performed on their emergency lights and exit signs.
  • Promotes safety. Most important of all, having your emergency lights and exit signs properly serviced and functioning can save lives and property during a fire.
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