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Electrical Installation Condition Report

We had a call today from a client in Kensington for whom we performed Electrical Testing and issued an Electrical Installation Condition Report a few months back, because she couldn’t find the report anymore and she needed to present it.

Our client knew that she contracted a reliable and solid company, so she called us confident that we can provide her a copy of the EIC Report. And so we did, even if I haven’t been working for long here I’ve been able to find the certificate on our records and sent her a copy instantly.

For your safety and of everyone around you, the electrical installation should be tested every 3 to 5 years, by qualified, accredited electricians – like the engineers from AA London Electricians – that can perform a comprehensive inspection which will highlight any potential hazard in your household or place of work. The hazard might be represented by overloaded circuits of equipment, substandard electrical work, lack of earthing or bonding. Our engineers will identify all of these issues and they can advise on and complete any necessary remedial works to eliminate the risk and make your property safe.

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